Bloodmoon (1990)


Australia. 1990.


Director – Alec Mills, Screenplay – Robert Brennan, Producer – Stanley O’Toole, Photography – John Stokes, Music – Brian May, Prosthetics – Lance Cornell, Art Direction – Philip Warner. Production Company – Village Roadshow Pictures/Michael Fisher Productions


Leon Lissek (Myles Sheffield), Helen Thomson (Mary Huston), Ian Williams (Kevin Lynch), Craige Cronnin (Matt Desmond), Christine Amor (Virginia Sheffield), Suzie MacKenzie (Michelle), Anya Molina (Jennifer), Hazel Howson (Sister Mary-Ellen)


A killer is slaughtering pupils at St Elizabeth’s Catholic Girls School.

This Australian effort is a brainless copy of a slasher film. It comes a little too late to the party – nearly a decade after the slasher film peaked with hits like Halloween (1978) and Friday the 13th (1980) and when the genre had largely faded and died out by 1983.

On almost all levels, Bloodmoon is badly made – badly directed, badly written, badly acted. One supposes it at least lacks any of the true awfulness of a Golden Turkey film – all it does is radiate an aura of shabby impoverishment. The script wanders all over the place, dallying through subplots about the conflicts between local boys and townies, romances between townie and schoolgirl, one girl’s attempts to steal exam answers, without ever taking any of them anywhere. At the same time, Bloodmoon fails to fall into the formula of the slasher film enough to satisfy even the minimal requirements of that genre. The film does feature a sizeable cast of teenage girls and invariably finds copious opportunities to have them disrobe.

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