The Best and Worst of 1995

The author’s considered best/worst in each category are listed in bold italics with an asterisk (*). The listed links will take you to more detailed reviews of each film.

The 10 Best Films

  1. Se7en
  2. Babe
  3. Twelve Monkeys
  4. Crimson Tide
  5. Mighty Aphrodite
  6. Toy Story
  7. Copycat
  8. Butterfly Kiss
  9. The Indian in the Cupboard
  10. The Nature of the Beast

Worst Films

  1. Pet Shop
  2. The Mangler
  3. Galaxis
  4. Hologram Man
  5. Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest

Best Director

David Fincher – Se7en (*)
Frank Oz – The Indian in the Cupboard
Chris Noonan – Babe
Tony Scott – Crimson Tide
Anthony Waller – Mute Witness

Best Original Screenplay

Crimson Tide
Mighty Aphrodite
The Prophecy
Se7en (*)
Strange Days

Best Adapted Screenplay

Apollo 13
Johnny Mnemonic
Twelve Monkeys (*)

Best Actor

Pierce Brosnan – GoldenEye (*)
Morgan Freeman – Se7en
Gene Hackman – Crimson Tide
Hugh O’Conor – The Young Poisoner’s Handbook
Brad Pitt – Se7en
Denzel Washington – Crimson Tide

Best Actress

Angela Bassett – Strange Days
Holly Hunter – Copycat
Amanda Plummer – Butterfly Kiss
Mira Sorvino – Mighty Aphrodite (*)
Sigourney Weaver – Copycat

Best Supporting Actor

Ed Harris – Just Cause (*)
Laurence Fishburne – Just Cause
Dennis Hopper – Waterworld
Ernie Hudson – Congo
Litefoot – The Indian in the Cupboard
Kevin Spacey – Se7en

Best Supporting Actress

Kirstie Alley – Village of the Damned
Lindsey Haun – Village of the Damned
Famke Janssen – GoldenEye
Gwyneth Paltrow – Se7en (*)
Mary Steenburgen – Powder

Best Cinematography

Batman Forever
The City of Lost Children
Institute Benjamenta; or the Dream People Call Human Life
Se7en (*)
The Tie That Binds

Best Special Effects

Apollo 13
Babe (*)
The Indian in the Cupboard
Judge Dredd
Mortal Kombat

Best Makeup Effects

In the Mouth of Madness
Species (*)
Tales from the Crypt Presents Demon Knight

Best Production Design

Batman Forever
The City of Lost Children (*)
Judge Dredd
Twelve Monkeys