The Best and Worst of 2018

The author’s considered best/worst in each category are listed in bold italics with an asterisk (*). The listed links will take you to more detailed reviews of each film.

The 10 Best Films

  1. A Quiet Place
  2. The Haunting of Hill House
  3. Isle of Dogs
  4. Deadpool 2
  5. Aquaman
  6. Every Day
  7. Dilili in Paris
  8. Anon
  9. Freaks
  10. The House That Jack Built

Worst Films

  1. Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark
  2. Mt. Misery Road
  3. Peter Rabbit
  4. Replicas
  5. Snake Outta Compton

Best Director

Ari Aster – Hereditary
Mike Flanagan – The Haunting of Hill House
John Krasinski – A Quiet Place (*)
David Leitch – Deadpool 2
Andrew Niccol – Anon

Best Original Screenplay

The Clovehitch Killer
Freaks (*)
The Perfection
Sorry to Bother You

Best Adapted Screenplay

Charlie Says
Deadpool 2
Every Day (*)
The Haunting of Hill House

Best Actor

Matt Dillon – The House That Jack Built
Dylan McDermott – The Clovehitch Killer
Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool 2
Alexander Skarsgård – Mute
Matt Smith – Charlie Says (*)

Best Actress

Toni Collette – Hereditary (*)
McKenna Grace – The Bad Seed
Isabelle Huppert – Greta
Alicia Vikander – Tomb Raider
Lydia Wilson – Requiem

Best Supporting Actor

Josh Brolin – Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 (*)
Julian Dennison – Deadpool 2
Bruce Dern – Freaks
Grant Masters – Await Further Instructions
Forest Whitaker – How It Ends

Best Supporting Actress

Zazie Beetz – Deadpool 2
Ann Dowd – Hereditary
Danai Gurira – Black Panther
Jung Ju-mi – Psychokinesis
Sian Reese-Williams – Requiem
Tilda Swinton – Suspiria (*)

Best Cinematography

Elizabeth Harvest (*)
Picnic at Hanging Rock

Best Special Effects

Mortal Engines
Rampage (*)

Best Production Design

Isle of Dogs (*)
The Monkey King 3
Mortal Engines
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms