Attack of the Adult Babies (2017) poster

Attack of the Adult Babies (2017)


aka Adult Babies

UK. 2017.


Director – Dominic Brunt, Screenplay – Paul Shrimpton, Story – Joanne Mitchell, Producers – Dominic Brunt, Karl Hall & Joanne Mitchell, Photography – Geoff Boyle, Music – Thomas Ragsdale, Visual Effects – Neale Myers, Brain Trip Sequence Visual Effects – Alex Chandon, Claymation Sequence – Lee Hardcastle, Prosthetics Design – Shaune Harrison. Production Company – Mitchell-Brunt Films.


Andrew Dunn (George), Kurtis Lowe (Tim), Mica Proctor (Kim), Sally Dexter (Margaret), Kate Coogan (Sandra), Joanne Mitchell (Clinton), Seamus O’Neill (David), Thalia Zucci (Barbara), Nicky Evans (Vlad), William Fox (Dimitry), Lawrence R. Harvey (Michael)


George and his wife Sandra and their two teenage children Tim and Kim are enjoying a dull night at home when two East European thugs burst in. The thugs take George hostage at gunpoint and demand that the others retrieve a box from a country mansion. What the others do not know is that this is a scheme that George himself has set up. The three others break into the mansion unaware that it is where a group of wealthy men have come to engage in their infantilism fetish and be dressed in diapers while a group of hired women play nurse to them. The operation rapidly spirals out of control as it is decided that all of the nurses and intruders have to be killed. All of this stirs the monster in the basement.

Attack of the Adult Babies was the third feature-length film from Dominic Brunt. Brunt had previously made the zombie film Before Dawn (2013), Bait (2014) about a psychopathic loanshark and subsequently the werewolf film Wolf Manor (2022) and as co-director of EVIE (Evil Has a New Name) (2023). Brunt works his day job as an actor and has played a regular role on the long-running British tv show Emmerdale Farm (1972– ) since 1997.

Every few years someone makes a film that is so wild and insane it attains cult status. Works might include Forbidden Zone (1982), Re-Animator (1985) and bad movie classics like Troll 2 (1990) and The Room (2003). And then there are the wannabes – works that are trying to be crazy, insane or offensive in the belief audiences will celebrate the filmmakers’ intent – one excruciating recent example that came out the same time as this was Kuso (2017).

Attack of the Adult Babies feels like it is one of these wannabes. The tone of the film is one of farce rather than realism. If I had to summarise the film, I’d aliken it to someone attempting to make a low-budget version of John Dies at the End (2012) by literally throwing every weird idea they had into the mix. A good two-thirds of the film doesn’t even feel as though it is a genre film – it feels more like an attempt to make a wacky heist film in which a group of inept thieves wander into a mansion where a secret fetish group is being held involving adult men being dressed in diapers and nursed by hired women in bondage outfits.

One of the adult babies with his 'nurse' in Attack of the Adult Babies (2017)
One of the adult babies with his ‘nurse’

No offense meant to autonepiophiliacs, but whatever way you look at it, middle-aged and overweight men dressed in diapers throwing tantrums and doing baby talk looks ridiculous – which is maybe what the filmmakers were intending. (One of the fetishists is played by Lawrence R. Harvey of The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011) fame, an even more perverse film that gave him a cult following).

In the latter third, the film starts to throw in random genre elements, which only serve to make a bizarre concoction even more ridiculous. By the end, it feels as though all semblance of a plot has been thrown up in the air and the film has abandoned any attempt at making sense. There is a plentiful gore as various of the thieves, dominatrixes and adult babies are killed. The survivors discover that there is a giant mutated baby in the basement and set out to kill it. There is also something about all the adult men being part of a secret inbred society of wealthy businessmen, which has caused them to develop porcine snouts (ie. they have become literal pigs). In one scene, the action is briefly represented by Claymation figures for a couple of minutes. There is an obsession with collecting the shit of the adult babies and at the end Andrew Dunn goes on a transcendental trip where he discovers that there is a shit god.

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