Killer Crocodile 2 (1990)


Italy. 1990.


Director/Crocodile Effects – Giannetto De Rossi, Screenplay – Giannetto De Rossi, Larry Ludman [Fabrizio De Angelis] & David Parker Jr [Dardano Sacchetti], Story – Parker, Photography – Giovanni Bergannini, Music’– Riz Ortolani, Special Effects – Roberto Ricci. Production Company’– Fulvia Film srl


Anthony Crenna (Kevin Jones), Debra Karr (Liza Post), Thomas Moore (Joe)


Liza Post, a journalist for the New York Chronicle, finds evidence that the radioactive drums that were dumped in the swamps of Santo Domingo have not been moved as reported by wealthy real-estate developer Baxter. As Baxter attempts to have her silenced, another giant crocodile emerges and begins killing the locals.

Killer Crocodile (1989) was a cheap and dreary Italian ripoff of Jaws (1975), made a good ten years after everybody else had stopped making Jaws ripoffs. It gave the impression of having been churned out by people who were in it for the money and could not have cared less what type of film they were making. Why it should generate a sequel is a frank mystery.

For the sequel, the director’s chair has been taken over by Giannetto De Rossi, the Italian effects man whose work has featured in an awful lot of cheap Italian genre work and who created the crocodile effects for the first film. The sequel has the same dreary lack of involvement that makes it nearly indistinguishable from its predecessor. Again, it looks cheap, nothing much happens, the dubbing appears to have been conducted by inarticulate truck drivers and so on. It is perhaps an infinitesimally better film but that is saying little in its favour. There is one good special effect with the crocodile chomping its way through an entire hut.

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