Erotic Possessions (1999) poster

Erotic Possessions (1999)


USA. 1999.


Director – William Wildest, Screenplay – Stephen Crestview, Producers – Peter Diamond & Terrence Haslam, Photography (colour + some scenes b&w) – Howard Wexler, Music – Finetune Music, Production Design – Chris Larsen. Production Company – Oranton Ltd/Riow Beleggingen BV/Click Productions Inc.


Shauna O’Brien (Claire Hayden), John Smith (Mike), Amber Newman (Melissa), Jay Stewart (Paul), Morgan Kelly (Dawn Starchild), Griffin Drew (Valerie Parks/Doris Kitzman)


Aspiring actress Claire Hayden and her boyfriend Mike take up a lease as caretakers of a Hollywood house that was the former home of 1940s starlet Valerie Parks who died before ever attaining fame. Mike discovers a print of Valerie’s lost, uncompleted film ‘The Last Widow’. Soon Claire believes that Valerie’s ghost is sexually possessing her. As a remake of ‘The Last Widow’ is announced, Valerie’s spirit takes over Claire in order to win the role.

Erotic Possessions is a work of made-for-cable softcore Erotica. Cable erotica differs from porn in a number of crucial aspects – it is professionally made and well photographed; it uses actors who at least display a degree of competence when it comes to acting; it pays more attention to plot – some of these films are quite good; and sex, while still served up at regular intervals, is only simulated, with things never getting any more explicit than bare breasts and brief glimpses of female pubic hair, certainly never of male genitalia.

Erotic Possessions is in fact an uncredited remake of Maxie (1985), which was a dreary fantasy film about a modern housewife being possessed by a dead starlet in order to fulfil the starring role she was denied by her untimely death. Erotic Possessions is utterly routine. It is poorly constructed as a plot – indeed, there is little here that does not resemble the plotting in a porn film where story only exists as the most direct point of connection between sex scenes. There is porn movie (lack of) motivation to the proceedings – the housewife invites a female stranger into the house to use the phone and moments later is making out with her; two friends come to stay and moments later everyone is making out with everybody else. The crucial measure is that the ghost element is negligible to the plot – the ghost is dismissed at the end without any dramatic importance.

Other than the obvious reasons for seeing the erotic tumblings, Erotic Possessions is boring – as a fantasy film, it is inconsequential. Certainly, in regard to all the obvious reasons – softcore erotica – the film provides the goods. Former Penthouse Pet Shauna O’Brien has become a star of sorts in this niche cable market for erotica and the film takes all possible opportunities to show off her truly spectacular chest.

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