Holocaust Cannibal (2014) poster

Holocaust Cannibal (2014)


USA. 2014.


Director/Screenplay/Producer/Photography – Bill Zebub. Production Company – Bill Zebub Productions.


Erin Brown (Rebecca), Lydia Lael (Gretel), Bill Zebub (Hansel), Rachel Crow (Rachel), Andrea Hall (Romantic Savage), Vanna Blondelle (Nazi Who Committed Suicide), Tom DeLorenzo (Circumcized Nazi), Alan Tecchio (Romantic Nazi), Maeva Athena (Snake Victim Savage), K.J. Hopkins (Chieftain), Steve Nebesni (Nazi Who Was Raped by a Spider)


A group of Nazis flee to Argentina at the end of World War II, but the plane crashes on an island off the coast of South America. As they wander through the jungle, the women are variously attacked, abducted by natives or face the creatures lurking there.

Bill Zebub (real-name not known) is a New Jersey-based filmmaker. In between publishing the fanzine The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds, which is dedicated to reviewing death metal and interviewing musicians, Zebub has also made more than fifty micro-budgeted films since the early 2000s. These circle around horror and heavy metal fandom and are made with a wilfully extreme bad taste – a disturbing number of the films hold the word rape in the title or feature it as a central theme.

Bill Zebub’s other genre films include Jesus Christ, Serial Rapist (2004), Kill the Scream Queen (2004), The Crucifier (2005), Bad Acid (2005), The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (2005), Assmonster: The Making of a Horror Movie (2006), Dolla Morte (2006), Frankenstein the Rapist (2006), Rape is a Circle (2006), Spooked (2007), The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made: The Remake (2008), Breaking Her Will (2009), Ravage the Scream Queen (2009), Forgive Me for Raping You (2010), I Told You Not to Call the Police (2010), Night of the Pumpkin (2010), Zombiechrist (2010), Antfarm Dickhole (2011), Captive Audiences (2011), Jesus the Total Douchebag (2011), Disgruntled Employee (2012), Surreal Sicko (2012), Amuse Me (2013), Jesus the Daughter of God (2013), Lessons in Love (2013), Scienceless Friction (2014), The Lesser Evil (2014), Loving a Vegetable (2015), Nightmare on Elmo’s Street (2015), Dickshark (2016), Trust Your Photographer (2016), Santa Claus: A Horror Story (2016), A Devil’s Wind (2017), Clowna Nostra (2019), Horror Odyssey (2019), Boogers of the Antichrist (2020), Dickless Zombies (2021) and Dumb & Dahmer (2021).

Bill Zebub likes to make films that flout all good taste, push an envelope in a big way and set out to offend people. Holocaust Cannibal resembles a cheap, deliberately bad Nazisploitation film – a series of films from the 1970s that offered up lurid depictions of Nazis atrocities with an emphasis on sex and sadism. The title seems to have been dreamed up by Zebub reversing the wording of the notorious Italian film Cannibal Holocaust (1979) and then presumably free-associating from the Nazi Holocaust to the idea of putting Nazis into a jungle setting with cannibals.

As would appear to be the case with Zebub’s films (at least using Zombichrist as a prior sample), they mostly consist of he going out in the woods and shooting a bunch of scenes with girls in varying state of undress. The films are simply a series of such scenes sequentially strung together. These appear largely improvised without any plot to the extent that the scenes could have been thrown together in any order.

Nazis stranded in the jungle - Gretel (Lydia Lael) and Hansel (Bill Zebub) in Holocaust Cannibal (2014)
Nazis stranded in the jungle – Gretel (Lydia Lael) and Hansel (Bill Zebub, also the film’s director)

Most of the film here consists of the girls in a state of undress – either in lingerie, mostly topless and occasionally fully nude (where Zebub doesn’t shy away from giving us pussy shots). That said, I hesitate at labelling Holocaust Cannibal a work of Erotica and Pornography – it’s been made clearly to fulfil some fetish of Zebub’s but not quite in the same sense that most erotica/pornography consists of endless scenes of simulated or actual sexual acts. In addition, there are some gore and splatter scenes but nowhere near the level we had in Cannibal Holocaust. Mostly the gore scenes look very fake – when Zebub tries to do a dick severing, it looks like the girl is simply applying a knife to a dildo covered in blood.

In almost every scene they appear, the girls end up having lingerie-clad or topless fights – against other Nazis or natives, even at one point a girl clad in her lingerie and a set of platform boots going up against a Bigfoot creature. The most bizarre sequence is where one of the Nazi officers attempts to force his way with one of the girls only for a giant spider – about the size of a St Bernard – to jump on top of his bared buttocks and begin humping him. The other bizarre element is Zebub himself who appears as a Nazi officer wearing what looks like a store-bought Halloween mask where he spends all of his scenes doing what could be considered a bad stand-up routine complaining about how nonsensical and contradictory American colloquial expressions are.

It probably need not be said that the scenes with the girls are wildly anachronistic. They are supposed to be playing Nazi women fleeing at the end of World War II. They do wear swastika armbands but as soon as they are undressed they are sporting modern lingerie, along with contemporary accoutrements like platform heels and lip rings. On the other hand, this is not exactly a film that is making a pretence of taking itself seriously – as witness lines with the Germans discussing getting their English correct and complaining “You’re such a Grammar Nazi.”

The soundtrack also consists of a number of tracks from German heavy metal bands – in fact, there are more of these tracks than there is dialogue, while the end credits go on for several minutes where the tracks are recapped (over scenes of a nude girl dancing) so that we can identify the bands.

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