Aliens vs Titanic (2017) poster

Aliens vs Titanic (2017)


aka Aliens vs College Girls; Predator World

USA. 2017.


Director/Miniature/Creature Effects – Jeff Leroy, Screenplay – Cameron T. James, Story – Keith Parker, Producer – David S. Sterling, Photography – Tom Newth, Music – John Boegehold, Visual Effects – GreenMamba Studios (Supervisor – Carsten Schwede), Makeup Effects/Production Design – Richard Calderon. Production Company – Girls and Corpses/Tomcat Films, LLC.


Tasha Tacosa (Lana Vickers), Jin N Tonic [Jennifur Miller] (Diamond), Kelly Erin Decker (Terri), William Gabriel Grier (Kenny), Robert Rhine (Captain Lewis McBride), Brenton Jones (Dirk), Bree Olsen & Layla Price (The Titan1-C Strippers), Shawn C. Phillips (Cruise Director)


Passengers are celebrating the arrival of New Year of 2140 aboard the cruise starship Titan1-C under Captain Lewis McBride when the ship is struck by a meteorite. Alien creatures force their way into the ship and attack passengers and crew. As the ship is destroyed, First Officer Lana Vickers and four passengers who had snuck into the hold to take the sex drug Bliss make it to an escape pod. They crashland on an uncharted planet. After accidentally blowing up their supplies, they set out to find food. However, they discover that the aliens have also managed to sneak aboard the shuttle. The aliens are capable of taking over the bodies of humans and are now wanting to breed. With this realisation, they cannot be sure who among the group is inhabited by an alien.

Jeff Leroy is a rising B-budget director – Aliens vs Titanic is the eighteenth of twenty films he has made since 1999. Other titles he has made include the likes of Eyes of the Werewolf (1999), Hunting Season (2000), The Screaming (2000), Horror’s Highway (2002), Creepies (2004), Unseen Evil 2 (2004), Charlie’s Death Wish (2005), Creepies 2 (2005), The Witch’s Sabbath (2005), Psychon Invaders (2006), Werewolf in a Women’s Prison (2006), Rat Scratch Fever (2011), Dracula in a Women’s Prison (2017) and Giantess Attack (2017).

I must admit being captivated by the title Aliens vs Titanic. It reminds of one of the various, frequently tongue-in-cheek ‘vs’ title we have had in recent years – Freddy vs Jason (2003), AVP: Alien vs Predator (2004), Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (2009), Dahmer vs Gacy (2010), Zombies vs Strippers (2012), Chupacabra vs the Alamo (2013), Airplane vs Volcano (2014), Asteroid vs Earth (2014), Cowboys vs Dinosaurs (2015), Hansel vs Gretel (2015) and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), among others.

William Gabriel Grier, Kelly Erin Decker, Tasha Tacosa, Jin N Tonic, Brenton Jones in Aliens vs Titanic (2017)
Survivors of the crashlanding – (l to r) William Gabriel Grier, Kelly Erin Decker, Tasha Tacosa, Jin N Tonic, Brenton Jones

The fact that the film also goes by the name Aliens vs College Girls or was later repackage as Predator World to take advantage of the release of The Predator (2018) gives a clear impression of how randomly this has been intended. One had grand ambitions of something approaching the Douglas Adams computer game Starship Titanic (1998) or maybe even The Asylum’s cheekily titled Titanic II (2010). Or even the image of a spacegoing version of James Cameron’s Titanic (1997) or the appealingly ridiculous notion of the legendary vessel being invaded by alien nasties. However, the title is largely a cheat – we have a spaceship named Titan1-C but this is abandoned about fifteen minutes into the show and the rest of the film becomes about the group abandoned on an alien planet.

Jeff Leroy reminds of a director like Fred Olen Ray who specialises in cheap science-fiction and horror and always makes a beeline for exploitation elements and having girls taking their tops off. About all that is missing here is Olen Ray’s regular genre in-references. The film’s schlockiest scene is one where Kelly Erin Decker has the alien nest in her breasts – “It’s using Terri’s boobs as a breeding ground” says one of the characters – followed by what I guess you have to call a boob-burster scene. In a later scene, we get Jin N Tonic having a sexual interlude with the alien while a romantic song plays on the soundtrack, which continues as she gives birth to about half a dozen alien babies immediately after.

Certainly, one has to commend Jeff Leroy in that he has some extremely good visual effects when it comes to the exterior shots of the Titan 1-C. On the other hand, these are far less so elsewhere in the film – the bugs burrowing under people’s skin, the explosion of the ship – leading one to the impression that he has obtained the use of some library shots. The film is about as cheesily ridiculous as you expect. It holds its raggedness together well enough and proves adequate for this type of entertainment.

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