Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Emmenualle vs Dracula (2004) poster

Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Emmanuelle vs Dracula (2004)


USA/Netherlands. 2004.


Director – KLS, Screenplay – Rafael Glenn, Producer – Yamie Philippi, Photography – Anne Ethridge, Music – Raw, Production Design – Anne Bauer. Production Company – Biouw Beleggingen B.V./Click Productions Inc/Oranton Ltd.


Natasja Vermeer (Emmanuelle), Beverly Lynne (Mary), Kelsey (Susan), Mollie Green (Lucy), Valerie Baber (Jennifer), Ernesto Perdomo (Robertson/The Dark One), Marcus Deanda (Dracula), Luke Anthony (Bruce), Kaya Redford (Arthur)


Emmanuelle is attending a bachelorette party for one of her friends. They are expecting a stripper but the knock at the door turns out to be Robertson whose car has broken down. Robertson is invited to join them but turns out to be a vampire. He places a hypnotic spell on them that causes the girls to become sexually aroused. Emmanuelle finds herself fighting against the girls and then the male strippers as they are turned into vampires. Emmanuelle realises that Dracula ha come to claim her.

The erotic film Emmanuelle (1974) was a huge hit. This was based on Emmanuelle (1967), a French erotic novel about the bored wife of an engineer living in Bangkok and her sexual dalliances with various men and women she encounters. Though a work of fiction, this was published as a supposed memoir by Emmanuelle Arsan, which was later revealed to be a pseudonym for Marayat Rollet-Andriane, a French-Thai woman who was married to a French diplomat stationed in Thailand.

The film version of Emmanuelle was a hit around the world, giving international fame to Sylvia Kristel in the title role, and was one of the first major softcore films to be released by an American studio. It led to a large number of spinoffs. There were six official Emmanuelle sequels, three of them starring Sylvia Kristel. There were also a good many unofficial films using the Emmanuelle name and other works of Euro erotica that were passed off as Emmanuelle films in English-dubbed release, even a British spoof Carry On Emmanuelle (1978). There are over seventy films bearing the Emmanuelle name.

The original Emmanuelle book might be considered fantasy in the sexual sense but is grounded in realism. However, the films increasingly abandon this and there was even several genre crossovers, including a science-fiction cable series Emmanuelle in Space (1994) starring Krista Allen as an Emmanuelle who has a series of human and alien encounters in the future. There was an Italian-made copycat Emanuelle series starring Laura Gemser, which produced Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977), a bizarre attempt to marry the Emmanuelle erotic film with the Italian cannibal film.

Emmanuelle (Natasja Vermeer) and Kelsey in Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Emmenualle vs Dracula (2004)
Emmanuelle (Natasja Vermeer) along with her friend Kelsey wields a crucifix made of taped-together kitchen knives against the vampires

Emmanuelle the Private Collection was a series of seven films, beginning with Emmanuelle The Private Collection: Emmanuelle Sex Goddess (2004) that were made for cable starring Dutch actress Natasja Vermeer. By the time of the The Private Collection series, Emmanuelle had become no more than a brand name that bore zero resemblance to Emmanuelle Arsan or Marayat Rollet-Andriane. The rights were retained by American producer Alain Siritzky, the only connection to the original 1974 film, who has produced over thirty Emmanuelle films as well as assorted other works of erotica. There were several genre efforts among the Emmanuelle the Private Collection series, such as pitting her against vampires as here, and other chapters entitled Emmanuelle the Private Collection: The Sex Lives of Ghosts (2004), plus another whole Siritzky-produced series Emmanuelle Through Time (2011).

Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Emmanuelle vs Dracula is not much of a work either of erotica or of vampire cinema. It was made for the cable tv market during the early 2000s and so is all light softcore tumblings – bare boobs, minor flashes of female pubic areas and the briefest labial glimpse, no male genitalia and no penetration shots. Everything is shot soft-focused and gauzy. To suggest a dark element, the camera occasionally cuts away to exterior shots of a castle or suits of armour.

For that matter, Emmanuelle vs Dracula has very little to do with Dracula either. There is no real plot to any of the happenings – a group of woman gather for a bachelorette party and are visited by a vampire (Ernesto Perdomo) who proceeds to put them under a hypnotic spell that brings out their repressed sexuality. Much girl-on-girl tumbling ensues and then assorted guy-on-girl scenes as the male strippers turn up and are promptly vampirised. There is the odd bite at the neck but no blood drinking. The end has a twist that reveals the person we thought was the lead vampire in fact wasn’t. The one amusement is when Emmanuelle fights back and wields a crucifix made up of kitchen knives taped together.

Dutch model Natasja Vermeer is not much of an actress. She is expectedly beautiful but radiates little presence, while her delivery of lines is flat as though she were reciting them phonetically. Interestingly here, Emmanuelle’s libidinous activities are inflated to the point where they almost seem like superpowers. Dracula has come seeking her because of her legendary ability and the dramatic climax of the film is the two of them having a showdown in bed.

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