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Alien Implant (2017)


USA. 2017.


Director – Daniel E. Falicki, Screenplay/Producers – Warren Croyle & Daniel E. Falicki, Photography – Will Mosqueda, Music – Rinaldi, Special Effects/Creature Effects/Makeup Effects/Set Design – Rotomation Works Department #4. Production Company – Sector 5 Films.


Lisa Mueller (The Victim), Gil Stansell (The Messenger)


A woman lives alone in a cabin in the woods. She is surrounded by a jury-rigged bank of communications equipment with which she scans satellite frequencies and tries to broadcast signals. She uses these to lure aliens to the cabin where she kills them in revenge for being given an implant at a young age.

Alien Implant was the twelfth film for Daniel E. Falicki. Falicki has worked in genre territory with everything else he has put out, including GR30K (2010), Devils in the Darkness (2013), The Last Vampyre on Earth (2013), Awaken the Devil (2014), The Joe Show (2014), Alien Contact: Secret Societies (2015), Shadow World; The Haunting of Mysti Delane (2015), 3:33 (2015), Accidental Exorcist (2016), And Hell Awaits (2016) and 13 Demons (2016). Many places, including the IMDB, insist that the film’s full title is Alien Implant: The Hunter Must Become the Hunted, although the only title to appear on both the opening and end credits is just Alien Implant.

I had not seen anything else made by Daniel E. Falicki before watching Alien Implant so had no idea what to expect. But, oh brother. It is a long time since I have seen a film that so closely approaches total amateurism. Apart from one scene where Gil Stansell turns up as an alien messenger, there is only one character on the screen throughout the entire show, the unnamed woman in the cabin played by Lisa Mueller. Furthermore, the number of lines of dialogue she has could be counted on the fingers of one hand. (You could probably use the other hand to count the number of lines she gets to deliver in voiceover).

Lisa Mueller in Alien Implant (2017)
Lisa Mueller isolated in a cabin in the woods

The first half-hour of the film involves Lisa Mueller pottering around the cabin, which is filled with junk and lots of jury-rigged pieces of electronic equipment. She ventures to dig something up in the woods at one point, which appears to be some type of organic matter that she connects to the apparatus. It is not at all clear what she is trying to do here.

The eventual impression we get is that she is trying to tap into a satellite and broadcast messages that will lure Grey Aliens so that she can take revenge against them for having been implanted (which presumably has something to do with the fact that she goes through the entire film with a blank-looking contact lens on her left eye, something that is never explained). She shoots one alien that appears with a shotgun. Other aliens are seen flitting about in the background of some scenes. A different type of alien turns up to warn her and explains a few things at one point. It is however hard to imagine anybody having the constitution to sit all the way through Alien Implant.

(Winner for Worst Film in this site’s Worst Films of 2017 list).

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