Bare Wench Project 2: Scared Topless (2000) poster

Bare Wench Project 2: Scared Topless (2000)


aka Bare Wench Project 2: Book of Babes

USA. 2018.


Director/Screenplay/Producer – Jim Wynorski, Photography/Visual Effects Supervisor – Chuck Cirino. Production Company – Sugar Bush Productions.


Nikki Fritz (Nikki), Samantha Phillips (Sam), Lenny Juliano (Lunk), Juliet Cariaga (Juliet), Griffin Drew (Griffin), Alexus Winston (Alexus), Arban Ornelas (Tracy), Dick Bigdickian (Himself), Julie Strain (The Bare Wench)


The film footage left behind by the five girls who disappeared while searching for the Bare Wench on Bare Wench Mountain in Bareassville, Delaware has become a sensation. Nikki, sister of one of the missing girls, gathers five others girls, along the original guide Lunk, and sets out an expedition back to Bare Wench Mountain to find what happened. They have been given money and cameras by Dick Bigdickian to make a film about their search party.

The Bare Wench Project (1999) was a parody quickly released in the wake of the success of The Blair Witch Project (1999). Essentially, director Jim Wynorski took a bunch of starlets best known for taking their clothes off and got them to wander around in the woods, improvising a series of riffs on Blair Witch. The result was excruciating in its inanity. It was however a success and produced three sequels of which this was the first (see below for others).

For the sequel, director Jim Wynorski is back, along with Nikki Fritz and Lenny Juliano as the dim-witted Lunk, as well as director Andy Sidaris billed as a character called Dick Bigdickian who is supposedly playing himself. Fritz plays a character called Nikki who is supposed to be the sister of the missing girl she played in the first film – although confusingly both sisters are named Nikki.

As before, the entire film gives the impression it was made by a minimal camera crew and six airheads wandering around the wilderness improvising what they think is funny dialogue. Much of the film feels as though it was being made up on the cuff. One scene where Nikki Fritz tries to narrate the history of the Bare Wench into the camera is upstaged by Lenny Juliano’s outrageous mugging as he photobombs her throughout everything she says. Clearly nobody involved is taking any of the proceedings with the slightest seriousness – the girls run someone down in their RV and stop on the roadside and try to revive him, which involves one girl rubbing her boobs on his face and another girl dry humping his crotch.

A second expedition to Bare Wench Mountain - (l to r) Samantha Phillips, Nikki Fritz, Juliet Cariaga, Arban Ornelas and Alexus Winston in Bare Wench Project 2: Scared Topless (2000)
A second expedition to Bare Wench Mountain – (l to r) Samantha Phillips, Nikki Fritz, Juliet Cariaga, Arban Ornelas and Alexus Winston

There is almost any opportunity taken to get the girls naked – lines like: “Oh my God, my boobies are too hot – they want out.” Or impromptu lesbian makeout scenes in the midst of the trail. The most inane scene of all is one where they stop and have an argument while walking through a stream after realising they are out of food supplies, find they only have a single tube of chocolate syrup left and so strip in the middle of the stream and begin smearing it all over themselves.

Wynorski pads the film out with lots of scenes of the girls dancing around the campfire. We actually do get an appearance of the Bare Wench (which is more than The Blair Witch Project gave us in regard to its witch) that consists of a vision of Julie Strain looking like an exotically lit go-go dancer up in the sky. In the spirit of the complete randomness with which the film seems conceived, the girls banish the witch with a raygun that they just find having been left by a tree. At the end of the film, Lenny Juliano and the missing sister appear aboard a UFO promising beer whereupon the girls join them and they all fly off.

The subsequent sequels were The Bare Wench Project 3: Nymphs of Mystery Mountain (2002), Bare Wench Project Uncensored (2003) and Bare Wench: The Final Chapter (2005).

Jim Wynorski’s other genre films are:- The Lost Empire (1983), Chopping Mall (1986), Deathstalker II (1987), Not Of This Earth (1988), The Return of Swamp Thing (1989), Transylvania Twist (1989), The Haunting of Morella (1990), Sorority House Massacre II (1990), Sorority House Massacre 3/Hard to Die/Tower of Terror (1990), Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (1991), Munchie (1992), 976-Evil II (1992), Ghoulies IV (1993), Dinosaur Island (1994), Munchie Strikes Back (1994), Sorceress (1995), The Wasp Woman (1995), Vampirella (1996), The Pandora Project (1998), Storm Trooper (1998), Desert Thunder (1999), Crash Point Zero/Extreme Limits (2000), Raptor (2001), Thy Neighbor’s Wife/Poison (2001), Gale Force (2002), Project Viper (2002), Cheerleader Massacre (2003), More Mercy (2003), The Curse of the Komodo (2004), Gargoyle (2004), The Thing Below (2004), Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade (2005), Komodo vs Cobra (2005), Sub Zero (2005), The Witches of Breastwick (2005), The Witches of Breastwick 2 (2005), A.I. Assault/Shockwave (2006), Cry of the Winged Serpent (2006), Bone Eater (2007), The Breastford Wives (2007), House on Hooter Hill (2007), Cleavegefield (2009), Fire From Below (2009), Vampire in Vegas (2009), Monster Cruise (2010), Dinocroc vs Supergator (2010), The Hills Have Thighs (2010), Camel Spiders (2011), Gila (2012), Piranhaconda (2012), Hypnotika (2013), Scared Topless (2013), Sexually Bugged (2014), Shark Babes (2014), Water Wars (2014), Scared Topless (2015), A Doggone Christmas (2016), Nessie & Me (2016), Nessie & Me (2016), Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre (2016), Cobragator (2018), Attack of the 50 Foot CamGirl (2022), Bigfoot or Bust (2022), Giantess Battle Attack (2022) and Murderbot (2023).

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