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Yeti: A Love Story (2006)


USA. 2006.


Directors/Story/Producers/Photography – Adam Deyoe & Eric Gosselin, Screenplay – Adam Deyoe & Moses Roth, Animation – James Lesage, Special Effects/Makeup – Adam Deyoe, Eric Gosselin, James Lesage & Ryan Martin. Production Company – Pratt Ratt Productions.


Dave Paige (Dick), Adam Malamut (Adam), Laura Glascott (Emily), Loren Marsh (Sally), Brie Bouslaugh (Debbie), Joe Mande (Joe), Curt Croner (Yeti/Police Officer), Eric Gosselin (Sex Piss), Mark Wahlberg (Priest), Leo Boivin (Raymond), Sol Cattus Prifto (Yeti Hunter), Adam Deyoe (Old Man), Adam Balevet (Tentacle Boy)


Five friends go camping in the New Jersey woods. That night, Joe fails to return after he leaves the tent to go toilet. Dick is wooed away by the local girl Debbie but she is really intending to lure him as a victim for the cult known as Children of the Yeti. As the group watch, a Yeti appears and rapes the male victim that the cult have tied up. The Yeti then abducts Adam, one of the group. In the woods, Adam and the Yeti realise gay love for one another. Meanwhile, the cult prepares to sacrifice the other members of the group.

Yeti: A Love Story was a release from Troma Films. It was not a film produced by them but came during the period when they would buy up films made by others and specialised in selling them with outrageous Deliberately Ridiculous Titles – see other examples such as I Was a Teenage TV Terrorist (1985), Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid (1986), Surf Nazis Must Die (1987), Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator (1989), Strangest Dreams: Invasion of the Space Preachers (1990), A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990), Chopper Chicks in Zombietown (1991), Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell! (1992) and The Killer Condom (1996) to name but a selection. In most of these cases, the outrageousness of the title ended up being the best part about the film.

Co-directors Adam Deyoe and Eric Gosselin also made Street Team Massacre (2007) and Psycho Sleepover (2008), On his own, Adam Deyoe has also made The Mental Dead (2003), Dead Season (2012) and 1 Chance 2 Dance (2014). Gosselin can be seen in the film as an obnoxious local called Sex Piss that the group encounter at a gas station, while Deyoe appears as the old man in the Tentacle Boy scenes.

The film is not very well made. It appears to have been slung together by friends with little filmmaking experience and is only a bare step above amateurism. The Yeti is simply an actor wearing a white fur suit where you can see their face through the eye and mouth holes of the mask. There is no plot to the film, something that becomes evident as scenes drag on and on without any clear direction to the proceedings. The pace is often slow and inconsequential to the point of tedium. The film has about one gag – the gay Yeti love story – and the rest is tedious padding around this.

Adam Malamut and the Yeti discover gay love in Yeti A Love Story (2006)
Adam Malamut and the Yeti discover gay love together

That said, there are scenes that leave you drop-jawed. One of these is when the group pay a visit to the Tentacle Boy sideshow run by an old man (co-director Adam Deyoe) in his basement. They do indeed find a disfigured tentacle boy who attacks the group before an old woman comes in, flops out one of her oversized boobs and Tentacle Boy suckles on it. The scene also has a fully nude guy walk through for no discernible reason. For some reason, there is also a completely random scene where the group decide to go fishing and we have a montage scene of them dancing on a pier.

Adam Malamut gives an amazingly obnoxious performance in the role of Adam during the first half of the film. He then falls in love with the Yeti and there are some entertainingly ridiculous scenes with them cuddling and holding hands. And yes we do get to see a scene with Malamut up against a tree being butt-ravaged by the Yeti that sports a massive dick. These are the most amusing scenes in an otherwise unfunny film.

Adam Deyoe, Eric Gosselin and Adam Malamut later reteamed for Another Yeti a Love Story: Life on the Streets (2017).

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